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The library media program is a vital part of the total
education program of the school. Our main focus is to support the missions and goals of Carver and Montgomery Public Schools as a whole. This is accomplished by providing an organized and readily accessible collection of print and electronic media resources that support a variety of curricula.

About the Library

The goal of the Library Media Center is to work in conjunction with the students, teachers and staff to enrich the curricula by using resources that improve literacy and comprehension skills and ensure that all students get a quality education. Therefore, the library provides students with thirty computers equipped with Atriuum electronic cataloging, Alabama Virtual Library (AVL), research databases, internet access, and various Microsoft Office programs.

Atriuum electronic cataloging enables patrons to search the entire collection and gives the library staff extensive management capabilities. Library media specialists collaborate with teachers on planning, instruction, and evaluation. These specialists also provide instruction in both individual and group settings. The logistics of the library are discussed during an orientation session which is attended by all students.

The library media staff assists in improving students' critical thinking skills by providing them with the opportunity to interpret, analyze, evaluate and communicate ideas and information. The development of these skills are critical in transforming students into life-long learners.

The library is open Monday - Friday from 7:20 am to 3:00 pm., except on Monday evenings due to faculty meetings.

Loan Procedures

  • books - 3 weeks
  • reserve - overnight
  • references - library use only!
  • newpapers - see library staff
  • AV - teachers/staff only

Students with a clear account may renew books for an additional two (3) weeks. Books may only be renewed twice. Students may borrow up to five (2) books at a time with permission from the library staff. However, only one copy of a given title may be borrowed at a time.

Fines: The due date is placed in the front or back of each borrowed book. Overdue books incur a five (5) cents per day fine. Lost books must be paid for in full. Students are responsible for all of the resources they use or borrow. Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in the revocation of borrowing priviledges.


Unaccompanied students must have a pass to enter the library while classes are in session. Students must present the pass to the staff at the circulation desk upon entry and sign in. Arrival and departure times will be recorded. Passes are not required when classes are not in session (before/after school, between classes).


  • pencils - $.10
  • pens - $.25
  • paper - $.25/pack
  • pocket folders - $.75
  • report covers - $.75
  • poster board - $.75
  • copies - $.10/page
  • composition Notebook - $1.00
  • index cards - $.25/15
  • mechanical pencils - $.75